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Attract The Life Of Your Dreams!

Attract The Life Of Your Dreams!

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September 21, 2019

Dr John Demartini – The Prophecy 1 Experience

Dr John Demartini - The Prophecy 1 Experience

Dr John Demartini - The Prophecy 1 Experience

Dr John Demartini: Personal & Professional Development. Empowering Leadership & Performance in Business and Life.

Take Your Life to a Whole New Level of Power and Influence

Entry requirement: Completion of one The Breakthrough Experience program

The Prophecy I Experience is seven incredible, powerful, life-altering days where you will be taken through an understanding of mental development, social structures, financial systems, business structures, physical development and familial or relationship dynamics and taught how to integrate, influence and empower all these areas.

The syllabus of the Prophecy I Experience has been developed to assist you enhance, develop and ultimately empower all areas of your life. You will be exposed to incredible depth of knowledge and you will be given the know-how, strategy and the ability to implement your ideas and goals and make them real. You will have the edge and perspective to create and leverage opportunities at every level. You will learn steps to take you from where you are today to where you would love to be tomorrow.

The Prophecy I Experience will significantly expand your influence and ability to impact the world. It is a journey of learning that will supersede anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Each Day Focuses on:

•    Day 1 – Mental Understanding and Wisdom

•    Day 2 – Physical Health and Wellbeing

•    Day 3 – Familial Love, Relationships and Intimacy

•    Day 4 – Social Power and Leadership

•    Day 5 – Financial Independence and Freedom

•    Day 6 – Spiritual Immortality and Truth

•    Day 7 – Vocational Service and Success

What you will learn over the 7 days at the Prophecy I Experience:

•    A thorough understanding of universal laws as they are expressed in all 7 areas of life

•    An understanding of how to work with universal laws to influence outcomes

•    Insights into human behaviour and the power of changing perceptions to change your life

•    How to work with human behaviour to create intended outcomes in all areas of life

•    Insights into the mind-body connection and how perceptions influence physiology

•    How to bring homeostasis to the body and influence health and wellbeing

•    Understanding the mechanisms of the mind in order to tap into your peak performance

•    How to expand your mental concentration and learning capacity

•    How to influence and transform social and family dynamics

•    How to dissolve barriers in personal and professional relationships

•    How to master the art of communication and relationship building

•    Develop an understanding of the evolution of economics, social systems and business.

•    Learn proven strategies to build financial wealth and independence

•    Learn how to leverage any opportunity the market presents

•    Learn how to manage individuals in business to increase productivity and results

•    Learn how to recognise and activate leadership and excellence

•    Discover how to managing and inspire your staff to greater productivity

•    Discover how to delegate

•    Become an influencer and understand how to ensure success of your business plan

•    Learn how to resolve distractions and build teams

•    Apply universal laws in relation to building wealth, business, teams and yourself.


Prophecy I Experience - Dr John Demartini - The Prophecy 1 Experience


What Previous Attendees Have to Say About the Program:

The Prophecy 1 experience is amazing. The depth of knowledge imparted to me by Dr. Demartini is absolutely incredible. The fee I have paid is insignificant to the knowledge and learning gained and imparted to me. The volume and quality of information, all which is referenced, is immense. I have never experienced a course or seminar which can compete in any way. Apart from theoretical knowledge is the demonstrated practical application of this information and methods.   The course content covers the seven areas of life; I can confidently state that if I spent my entire life studying in the course of my normal day, I would never ever achieve this level of knowledge. If you have any interest in expanding your vision and life, then do the Prophecy 1 course. It is amazing. Thank you.
T. Van Niekerk

When people ask what the Prophecy I Experience, is about I’ve told them paradigm shifting.  My perspective of my life has changed.  My confidence has increased to pursue my purpose.  I’ve come to understand how perfect my life is now and it is all coming together so beautifully to fulfil my dreams.  I’ve come to deeper love of my partner.  I can clearly see the action steps to meet my financial and career goals for the year (and beyond). My heart has truly been opened to the possibilities of the magnificence of my life.
Peri Shawn

Prophecy 1 - Dr John Demartini - The Prophecy 1 ExperienceDr John Demartini - The Prophecy 1 Experience

Dr John Demartini - The Prophecy 1 Experience

Dr John Demartini - The Prophecy 1 Experience
Dr John Demartini - The Prophecy 1 Experience
Dr John Demartini - The Prophecy 1 Experience
Dr John Demartini - The Prophecy 1 Experience
Dr John Demartini - The Prophecy 1 Experience

Dr John Demartini - The Prophecy 1 Experience

Dr John Demartini - The Prophecy 1 Experience


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